A Long Telephone Conversation with the Mafia Wife, Lynda Milito

Mafia Wife BookBefore noon on December 6th, 2015, Lynda Milito was the author of the book Mafia Wife and how she lived through the good times and then the bad times with a guy she had fallen madly in love with at age sixteen and then learned to hate him as she realized he was a criminal who could threaten and emotionally mistreat her as much as he had once showered her with love.  The words on the pages of her book held my attention and made me feel the struggle she felt to some extent, but while talking with her on the phone, I felt the pain of those words vibrate through her voice. During our conversation I began to understand why the disappearance of her husband has troubled her for so many years. Lynda’s life was far from the fairytale she had wanted it to be and she hopes finding Louie will bring an end to some of the pain she has suffered.

Where is Louie Milito?  Lynda Milito wants closure…where is he buried? As soon as he disappeared in 1988, she knew he had met with death. That was his business and she knew it would be his turn some day, but when one Gambino family member turns against another, questions need answers. Where is Louie Milito?

I am E.F. Murray and together with the Mafia Wife we are determined to find where Louie is now.

May I Lynda comment on E.F. Murray she understood me right away my devotion to Louie and yes finding my prince  charming. In the eyes of the lord all is created equal… until Louie and I meet again sooner or later.