April 26, 1942

This is a date that always brings a smile to my face because it was the day that Louie was born. He had his charms and he really was a good guy. You may say that I am crazy for remembering a Mafia guy in that way, but before he was a made man, he was my husband. Some of the things he was doing were not my idea of right or fun or terrific, but I always say that he had to survive in the way he knew how to. Those young guys grow up thinking the respect they see in la famila is the best thing about life itself.

On his birthday, I would put his cards all around the house and have a birthday cake with candles ready for him. Once the whole neighborhood was invited to our home for the celebration. Really, I miss Louie more and more each April 26th. This year I feel more sad than ever before. Louie, I am still looking for you and will continue for my lifetime.

Louie, I have written a book about my life, my love and the tragedy of how your life ended. Mafia life must have brought you the respect you wanted, but it brought sorrow to me that your life ended way too soon. We all miss having you here…the grown children still miss you as I do.

Today I am trying to celebrate your life…to remember the fun times we danced, the joy of being in your arms and happiness we shared by bringing two kids into our lives! You were a sweet, gentle man!

Rest in peace, Louie and when I find you, I will rest. But not until then