We are looking for the guy she fell in love with during her first dance with him at Terry Lee’s, a hang out in Brooklyn. He was a smooth guy with good looks to spare just a few years older than she was and at almost seventeen she was looking for a way out. She wanted to remove herself from the miserable life she was living under her mother’s reign and to find a guy like this was maybe a way out.

He was part of a street gang and he was quite comfortable with the life stlye of the times in Brooklyn with guys just like him. He saw a future in that kind of life and it wasn’t on his priority list to fill her in. Louie Milito would tell Lynda the future for their entire relationship as he threatened her to do each job that would help him from being a lookout to changing papers for stolen cars.

After the Rampers, a gang he was in with Sammy Gravano a.k.a. Sammy the Bull, Louie advanced up the ranks to bigger and more notorious gangs and finally became a made man in the Gambino family. Advancing in his field fulfilled his need for exciting criminal activities including murder. Louie was hooked and Lynda was sickened by the entire affair as she began to realize what all his absences meant.

Lynda will tell you that she didn’t know how deep Louie was into the Life, and she doesn’t care to excuse her herself from the blame for staying with Louie. At first, she couldn’t bear the thought of going home and when push came to shove while pregnant with the second child, she tried to talk her mother into letting her come home. Her mother said no. No matter how much she begged Louie to get a legitimate job, the answer was no. Pinched time after time made no difference to him.

By now Lynda had two children and admits that Louie was always good to them, but the term good might have gotten lost in the fear of this family. Ready to pull her hair out, Lynda was worried sick and maybe on the verge of a breakdown. She had been starved for attention and love from her domineering mother who never gave her any bit of tenderness and at age seventeen she ran only to fall into a pit that created another hell.

Louie did begin to get too big for himself and began to tell tales around the Gambino family. When he started making trouble, he left himself no where to go. He must have had a strange egotistical personality to think he could outsmart everyone and come out on top. This was the beginning of the end for Louie and long time friend, Sammy the Bull was put in a terrible position to put an end to Louie’s problems and jealousy. The end became a reality in 1988.

Now the only thing we don’t know is where he is buried.