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Lynda Milito is Best Selling Author of #1 Mafia Book in the World, ‘MAFIA WIFE’ which centers around her life of ‘Love, Murder and Madness’ while married to Louie Milito, a Capo in the Gambino crime family. Louie is known for being a prominent member of the New York Mafia and for his gangland disappearance at the hands of his best friend, notorious mobster Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano.


Lynda Milito was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She was married to Louie Milito for twenty-two years; they have a son, Louis, and a daughter, Deena. Lynda lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

One of Lynda’s first memories was when Polio hit her at age two. She remembers being in the hospital in Brooklyn with her Grandma Dostis yelling at her mother to make sure she stayed awake to keep from dying. Lynda wore steel leg braces and the shoes that go with them, she remembers that, but what she remembers most was the terrible, empty loneliness she felt when her family left her after weekend visits.

At ten, Lynda was abused for the first time. She never told anyone–who would believe her–her mother had little to do with her. It was her mother’s brother daughter. She was sexually abused. At 13, she was making money for herself with a summer job in a bakery in Upstate Catskill Mountains. Life was just a series of painful events for Lynda. At 16 she was a victim of a date rape.

“Who’s left to tell the truth? Straight from the sit-down table. She was there, they were there, She Heard All Louie’s Confessions.”


Lynda is a best-selling international author, speaker, advocate and advisor.

Lynda is constantly working hard and relentlessly searching for her husband Louie’s body. She’s educating the public about Mafia activities and its members. As a writer, she’s telling about her own life, her husband and his murderer.

Lynda Milito is also a survivor of abuse, organized crime insider, advisor on mental abuse, expert on crime and child molestation – pedophilia, expert on living with a mental illness and how to cope with it. Lynda is also busy speaking, giving motivation lectures and sharing through her own website.


Upcoming Projects

Book: Mafia Secrets & Mafia Widow
Film: Mafia Wife


Endorsement Projects

Spousal Abuse, Mental Illness, Mental Abuse, Motivational Speaking, Pedophile Prevention Program


Lynda Milito, Mafia Wife Is a Motivational Speaker.  She gives out lectures to groups, schools,  book clubs of 20 or more, and speaks the truth about:


Organized Crime


Mafia True Stories


Spousal Abuse


Domestic Abuse


Mental Abuse


Mental Illness

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