The Bonanno Crime Family

Joseph Bonanno 5The Bonanno family is one of “Five Families” said to be in control of organized crime (Mafia activities) in New York City. It is named for its founder Joseph Bonanno.

Founded by Joseph Bonanno from his Brooklyn organization, following the assassination of Salvatore Maranzano in 1931 during the Castellammarese War, Bonanno became one of the youngest organized crime leaders in the National Crime Syndicate at age 26. As one of the smaller of New York’s “Five Families” the tight knit and well organized organization under Bonanno’s leadership became one of the most profitable families during the next three decades.

While the organization lacked manpower Bonanno was allied to Joe Profaci and, until their later falling out, the Buffalo Crime Family under cousin Stefano Magaddino.

Bonanno War: 1962-1969

Joseph Bonanno 3The Bonanno family main sources of income had come from running numbers, bookmaking, and loansharking however in early 1962 Bonanno Underboss Carmine Galante was arrested and convicted of narcotics. While Bonanno had long denied involvement in narcotics after Galante’s conviction it was revealed the Bonanno family was a major supplier of New York’s drug trade. After Profaci’s death in 1962, Bonanno had begun to suspect several rival families, specifically Carlo Gambino, Tommy Lucchese, and Stefano Magadino, of conspiring against him to take over the Bonanno families lucrative operations. Bonanno then planned to murder the three crime family leaders as well as several others. Allied with Profaci family successor and brother-in-law, Joseph Magliocco, the two planned the deaths of Gambino and Lucchese sending hitman Joe Colombo. Colombo however…