Lynda Milito aka Mafia Wife, who grew up in a very unhappy childhood. Her mother was a cross between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. At two years old Lynda had polio and wound up at Havestraw Hospital. “Lucky Lynda” as they called her, escaped with nothing wrong with her. She was raped at ten years old by a family female pedofile, At the age of fifteen she got a nose job where her mother made sure it was paid for by her health insurance as a deviated septum and Lynda didn’t question it as she was just so excited to get it and guessed the doctors had to agree with that diagnosis, which then made her pleasant to look at. She came out of her shell a little bit only to continue to look for her savior and prince charming. At sixteen and an awful childhood, always begging for love from her three brothers and mother, she quit school under a mother who just didn’t care. Lynda lost her virginity at the age of sixteen as a result of a date rape which shattered her self esteem until she found her prince charming Louie Milito, a neighborhood hairdresser that unbeknownst to Lynda, starting with petty thievery, he climbed to a high ranking Mafia made member in the Gambino family. Paul Castellano was his boss, with Sammy the Bull Gravano as his partner. One day Sammy needed to rise with John Gotti through the ranks and Louie was murdered by Sammy. Louie disappeared. Lynda throughout her life having two children, a boy and girl, was just that, a mother working as a realtor becoming number one with Staten Island real estate agents. She worked for Neuhaus Realty after owning a home there with her husband and two children. Lynda was told when she wanted a divorce the only divorce she could have was in a box. It was thievery. Lynda just couldn’t take it anymore. She observed a meeting of a discussion of the murders of the friends. She was forced at times to assist Louie in his mob connected scores. Sammy Gravano was his partner in crime along with many of the people that came in and out of her home. Louie served time in prison four different times. She worked all her life in order to send her children to private school and contributed to her household as well.

Lynda Milito Mafia Wife

Her two books are very high in ranking Mafia wife by Harper Collins and the second edition also Mafia Wife. She was there throughout the sixties thru the eighties, until Sammy told her she better leave New York. Not having much of a family, she moved back in with her parents. Her dad was her best friend. Her life of hard knocks made her strong and equipped her with the attitude of not giving up. She has lived through blood sweat and many tears. Her husband, Lynda later found out, was a killer. That’s what a made member was. You must remember, Lynda was there. Eventually rising to live in Todt Hill, a very upscale section of Staten Island, and a very well knowledgeable person on the Mafia. She has done many television and radio interviews. The highlight of her career was on the Howard Stern show. Lynda is known to charm people with her charisma and pleasant ways. She is now promoting her books and a big screen film. Her latest endeavor  is doing a book signing at Toyota of Hollywood, Florida. Her famous last words are: “The truth will set me free.”

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